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Finding the Peace in Wild Things

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Counseling for Mental Health and Life Issues

Don't battle your problems. Nurture your self. - Viola Fodor

Are you or a loved one struggling? Do you find yourself hitting the same ‘wall’ again and again? Are you looking to find a way out of your life problems, but haven’t found a “how” that suits you? Life can sometimes become so overwhelming that we may begin to develop unhealthy physical and emotional symptoms in our minds and bodies; signs that we are off track. This may affect our behaviours and interfere in our ability to function at home and work, and negatively impact our relationships with friends and loved ones.

Our goal in counseling others is to restore or create health within each individual, as they define it. We believe that problems arise when people become disconnected from themselves and others, when they lose a sense of self. What may once have started out as small problems, can quickly become life defining and life consuming ones. People often, despite their best efforts and a true desire to be well, become stuck in patterns of behaviour that only further perpetuate the issues. This can be equally as true for the individual suffering or the loved ones watching by the sidelines. While we believe that there is no quick fix, we do believe that you are not meant to simply “manage” your symptoms all your life, or be in a never ending battle with your problems

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