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Finding the Peace in Wild Things

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Privacy and Confidentiality

  1. What are the limits to confidentiality

As a regulated health professional I am bound to provide the privacy and confidentiality of my clients and what is shared within the therapy sessions. However, there are limits that I am equally bound to uphold as a regulated health professional. They include the following:

  • There is risk of imminent danger to your self or to a third party.
  • There is a suspicion of child abuse or neglect, or if chidl abuse or neglect is disclosed during session.
  • Disclosure is ordered by court.
  • You, the client have consented to me sharing information with other individuals or organizations (e.g. physician, psychiatrist, family member etc.).

Length and Cost of Service

1. How long and frequent are therapy sessions?
  • Indiviudal sessions are generally 50-60 minutes in lengths.
  • Individual sessions typically start off on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.
  • The frequency of sessions depend on your needs and preferences; these can also change throughout the course of therapy,
  • Group sessions are generally 90 minutes in length per session.

There is no limit to the length of service. You may continue to come and see me for individual or group therapy as long as we are working towards mutually agreed upon goals and you are finding the therapy helpful. I do not believe in putting a number to how many sessions it may take someone to work through the varying issues they present with in life; each individual has their own path and journey to well being, the most important part is that we are doing this together.

2. What are the fees and methods of payment

Private counselling services are not covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) unless delivered by a medical doctor or psychiatrist. There are some private health insurance and employee benefit plans that may reimburse you up to a certain amount per year. Please contact your insurance provider or employer ahead of time. Payment is provided at the end of each session even if you’re eligible for reimbursement later. My fees are set according to current professional rates in Ontario:

  • Individual Sessions: $120/session
  • As a registered Social Worker I am obligated and willingly provide a sliding scale ranging from $70-$120 per session depending on an individual's verified income. I strive to ensure that access to therapeutic services are accessible to all.
  • Group Sessions: Vary depending on the group
  • Each group program is structured and customized, varying in duration and frequency of sessions.
  • Please contact me directly for questions related to the cost of group therapy, and be sure to identify which group therapy program you are interested in participating in.
  • Payments by Cash, Check, or Bank Transfer.

All fees are due at the end of each session.

3. How does therapy start

In the first session we will review the following:

  • What your hopes and goals of therapy are.
  • What you can expect from our sessions together.
  • A general plan for therapy (individual, group).
  • The limits of confidentiality.
  • The format, frequency and cost of each session.
  • Policies about cancellation, lateness and payment.
  • Any other questions you may have.

4. How do I schedule appointments

Clients can refer themselves to me or I can also accept referrals by family physicians or other health professionals, providing that the client consents to the referral. To book your initial free consultation:

  • Call me at 519-831-9905
  • Go to the Contact page and send me a confidential email
  • I will respond to all inquiries within 24 hours. 

By Clinical Design

1. What is By Clinical Design

By Clinical Design is a Treatment, Training and Organizational Development company developed by Elisha Van Harte.

For all information regarding this, please contact Elisha Van Harte directly. The company website will be opened soon.